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submitted by DALE E. - |Recommended: NoExcellent location. Dog policy needs work. — Location is excellent as are the gronds and all the people I have met. Grass landscaping starting to come in. Parking is a joke. If u are not home by 5 30 to 6 during the work week, plan on walking due to lack of parking spaces. Although the buildings seem nice, the build quality is low to below average. Upper noise from the neighbors is unexceptable for the monhly lease rate. Throw in a upstairs neighbor with two 50 to 60 lb dogs and it is like living below a f...ing dog kennel. Maintenance man has heard all the dog noise while repairing a couple of things and installing new filters. He agreed the dog pounding noise is unacceptable while they run around. Having a upstairs neighbor with two small dogs would be acceptable. Putting a tenat above anyone with two large dogs 50 pounds plus makes you question someones management skills. Evan will be called to stop in the first week of Nov. 2018 to hear for himself. If nothing is done, i will post a review myself on Craigslist till the issue is resolved. Doesn't seem like rocket science to me...... if you have large dogs u must accept an open lower unit.
response from property -Dale, thank you for taking time to review your experience at High Bluff Townhomes. We appreciate your patience as we work with you and the upper floor residents to find a solution to this situation. We deeply value our residents' satisfaction and are looking forward to continuing to work through this situation with you. If you have any additional concerns, please contact our Resident Satisfaction Manager at (414) 274-8250 or email fredcares@fred-inc.com. Thank you.
submitted by Michelle M. - |Recommended: NoWay to overpriced for the quality — This property is way to overpriced for what you get. My neighbors are awful in every which way I look. The dogs around my unit bark constantly, I can hear the neighbors all the time. The grass is gross because of all the dog pee and poop. Our unit wasn't even ready when we moved in and there's still lots wrong, including a light switch that won't turn off the lights because it's bent. There is never any parking because everyone parks everywhere.
response from property -We appreciate your feedback for High Bluff and take resident concerns very seriously. We would like to speak with you directly to find out more details about these issues and ensure they are being resolved. Please feel free to reach out to our Resident Satisfaction Manager at (414) 274-8250 or fredcares@fred-inc.com. We look forward to speaking with you soon and appreciate your residency!
submitted by Jevonie T. - |Recommended: YesEASY LIVING — It's a nice area to live and you almost feels like you don't have neighbors because you don't hear them to often...but parking is horrible if you have company, it's to many residents monopolizing the parking spots when they have room in their driveway or garage. Some cars don't move for weeks at a time. It's little bit over priced but they are nice.
response from property -Thank you for your review! We appreciate you sharing your concern about parking. Please feel free to reach out to our Resident Satisfaction Manager at (414) 274-8250 or fredcares@fred-inc.com if you would like to share more about that issue. Thank you for your residency with us!
submitted by Zachary C. - |Recommended: NoOk but could be better — I like the apartment but the parking is terrible, staff is ok, and the utilities seem way higher than they should be. I keep my apartment at 63 degrees in the winter and some how I haven't had a WE bill lower than 165.
response from property -Thank you for your review! The High Bluff Management Team.
submitted by Tricia B. - |Recommended: YesNice, clean and friendly — I would recommend the Highbluff community to anyone looking for a nice place to live. Its pet friendly, the management has answered any of my questions extremely fast. I give Highbluff 5 stars I love my apartment
response from property -Thank you for taking the time to leave your review and recommendation, Tricia! We are so happy to hear that you enjoy our community and staff! Please let us know if you need anything and we appreciate your residency with us.
submitted by Christine O. - |Recommended: YesLove my new home — Yes
response from property -Thank you for taking the time to leave your review, Christine! We appreciate your residency!
submitted by Jean J. - |Recommended: YesI love the layout, neighbors are all quiet and friendly. — Great place to live, clean, very nice layout and construction is such that you can not hear your neighbors.
response from property -Thank you for taking the time to leave your review, Jean! We are so happy to know that you enjoy your home in our community. Please let us know if there is ever anything we can assist with. We appreciate your residency!
submitted by Karen G. - |Recommended: YesNew construction with some minor repairs, otherwise ok — I would tell them that there are some problem, some with noises from the people upstairs. Very nice throughout in all, a nice place to live. Landscaping needs a lot of help, thought we would of had a decent landscaped yard by now, tho.
response from property -Thank you for leaving your review, Karen. We are so glad that you enjoy your home with our community. The landscaping was a big project we focused on this summer, and we can't wait to have our best results once the fall and winter seasons pass. Please let us know if there is ever anything we can help with, and we appreciate your residency!
submitted by Adam G. - |Recommended: NoClean. Looks Nice. High Rent. Slow Service. — Apartment Town-home looks clean and has nice amenities. Maintenance is quick to respond to requests. Rent is a little higher than I think it should be and it's going up. Parking availability has improved. Admin is exceptionally slow to respond to any non maintenance inquiry portal message, emails, phone, and in-person visits . Recently built paved patios with tables chairs between units. Looks cute but completely unnecessary as no-one uses them. Would rather have open grass and access to some sort of community facility hall, gym, or pool like our neighbors at Port Vista. We like living here, complaints aside.
response from property -Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback, Adam! We are glad to hear that you do enjoy living in our community, and if there is ever anything we can do to help, please feel free to let us know. We appreciate your insight on the patio changes, as we always aim to make them for the benefit of our residents. Over the next few weeks, grills are being installed at the new patio areas for everyone to enjoy at their convenience. If you have any concerns you would like to further discuss, please feel free to call our Resident Satisfaction Manager at 414-226-4535. We appreciate your residency and hope you continue to enjoy your home with us.
submitted by Mike J. - |Recommended: NoNice apartments but management needs some work — Apartments are nice but the management team here is less than good. You can call and call and leave messages but wont return your calls. I just get random amounts for my water bill and just are expected to pay. Electric was wires wrong in the building and i was getting charged high amounts from WE energies, they clam it was fixed but my bill never changed. I was called one day when they were in need of a tenant to let them in an apartment for an inspection, it was less than 24 hour notice. I said no problem, but when the tenant needs something they can care less and wont call back even after multiple messages. I would not suggest this place to rent, you can find much better places with better staff. Hope the right people see this and start to make changes. I am not the only tenant that feels this way, most my neighbours are unhappy as well and can not wait for lease to be up.
response from property -Thank you for taking the time to leave a review with us, Mike. We are happy to hear that you enjoy our community but are sorry to hear that you have had some difficulties as well. A member of our team will be reaching out to you to discuss any concerns that you have and take down any feedback that will contribute to making High Bluff feel more like home for our community. We look forward to speaking with you soon and appreciate your residency!
submitted by Andres A. - |Recommended: NoManagement Property Management Issues — I would say the apartments look great and the construction is fine but the service lacks professionalism. The entire time we lived there the grounds looked awful for no apparent reason- enough to not want guests over. We were told there would be dog waste stations in November and they were installed in June. The utilities were not charged in a timely fashion nor did we get an itemized bill showing our water usage- we just received a random utility charge for 2 or 3 months this was never consistent . There was an incident when we were called to ask if we smoked marijuana- which nobody in the apartment has ever done and this seemed incredibly unprofessional and made me call into question the integrity of management given the fact that our apartment was the only diverse apartment at the time. Finally, management would never answer the phone or return voicemails on a timely basis. It seems as if they were very hands off after the contract was signed. We just received a final invoice of the apartment damages in which there is a 900 charge for the bedroom carpet which seems highly unlikely. I am highly considering giving a negative review on Google and other review services given the fact that the current state is 5 stars- which is a misrepresentation of the experience at High Bluff Townhomes. I want to make it clear that my complaint is not regarding the excessive charges on my final bill- but rather a compilation of negligent management coupled with the fact that the landscape wasn't complete in the 8 months we were there.
response from property -Thank you for taking the time to leave a review, Andres. We are disappointed to hear that you did not enjoy your experience, however, do understand some of your frustrations. The landscaping was definitely a concern that we shared along with you. Construction was unable to have the landscape installed until the drainage could be properly set up. Unfortunately, with the heavy rains, this took considerably longer than any of us anticipated. The dog stations were also on hold pending the installation of the landscaping. We are happy to say that we now have the landscape and dog stations in, and the community is finally starting to look how we all envisioned it would. We also share in your concerns regarding the water billing. As the City of Port Washington bills every other month (a system which we are not accustomed to working with) we went through a couple of different billing programs before we determined the best way to process the billing. We definitely apologize about the period of time when we had limited staffing and limited hours. Our goal is to provide our residents with exceptional customer service and are proud that, as we have had a full staff in place for some time now, this has definitely improved for our residents. Managing concerns expressed to us by our residents can be a challenge and having to address concerns such as smoke smells and other sensitive subjects can be difficult conversations to have. We sincerely apologize if anyone on our team came across as accusatory. We would much prefer to ask if you were having any concerns with smells as opposed to directly asking the question. All in all, we are very proud of the progress that has been made over the last few months, and again, apologize that you did not have a positive living experience. Thank you again for taking time to express your concerns. We appreciate your feedback and strive to ensure that we are progressing and improving on all areas of concern that are brought to our attention regarding High Bluff Townhomes. We appreciate your previous residency and wish you the best for the future!
submitted by Alex H. - |Recommended: YesGood places for the price and location but great staff is desperately needed here and it would be worlds better — We love our place inside very much other than that the cabinet doors don't fit well . I plan to stay here for quite some time as moving is hard. But the service is very poor, information is hard nearly impossible to get and the staff can be very discourteous and often times provides no solution or seems confused. A call or email that would take 5 minutes takes weeks to get a response. Maintenance also takes weeks and goes undone because of poor communication, then we have to wait yet again. We gave up on things we were told we would get and would happen like door stops and a guest room ceiling fan this came directly from the staff before we even signed . It's hard to understand why things won't get put in when they'd help keep things looking nice long term. We were also told things would be further with the exterior landscaping and they are not. There's also not enough parking if you would like a spot even in front of your unit, all of the neighbors park there you have to be home by 5 45 at the latest to maybe get the last spot and there's no room for guest cars at all. HUGE issue. The garages are also poorly sound proofed for being right next to the living room bedrooms. Good places for the price and location but great staff is desperately needed here and it would be worlds better
response from property -Thank you for taking the time to leave a review on our community, Alex. We are happy to hear that you intend to stay with us at High Bluff for the foreseeable future. Although your experience does not display this, we never want our residents to feel unheard or to have unresolved issues. We are happy to say that we now have a strong team managing High Bluff, and look forward to a drastic improvement in communication. If you have ongoing issues or concerns, we would love the opportunity to discuss them with you directly. Please feel free to contact our Resident Satisfaction Manager at 414-226-4535. We appreciate your patience and understanding throughout the new construction process and for choosing our community to call home.
submitted by John S. - |Recommended: YesIt's pretty nice. — These are pretty nice Apartment homes. I think there was very poor planning when it came to parking. There are people who are choosing to create their own parking places, and where there is overflow parking, there are not any lines, so the spaces can't always be used to their full potential. Trying to get in touch with someone in the office is difficult, or when you do, having them get back to you with an answer is even harder. Only one ceiling fan in the entire unit. There are also zero amenities for the property. With that said, there are nice finishes in the units. Better than some finishes I've seen in new construction homes in the areas. It's a beautiful area. It's quiet. And for the most part you don't hear your neighbors. So just like any place, there is good and bad.
response from property -Thank you for taking the time to leave a review, John! We appreciate you choosing High Bluff and we hope to give you the best possible residential experience while you are with us. We are sorry to hear that you've had a hard time getting in touch with our office. With a strong and consistent team now managing High Bluff, we hope this issue will be resolved going forward. We appreciate you mentioning your parking concerns and will use your feedback to work on possible solutions. As a resident at our new construction community, we'd like you to know that your satisfaction is our top priority and we appreciate your patience as we grow. Thank you again for choosing us and for sharing your experience at our community!
submitted by Debbie H. - |Recommended: YesProperty is great....But they are taking to LONG in putting the grass seed in — I would definitely tell people its a great place to rent.
response from property -Thank you for taking the time to leave a review, Debbie! We are happy to hear that your overall experience at High Bluff has been a positive one. In regards to your concerns with the grass, our team has diligently been working on getting our grounds complete. Unfortunately the rain and other timing issues have made it difficult for our grass to root well, but we are now on track with weekly services that should show major improvements in upcoming weeks.We appreciate your patience and are equally as excited to see our property full of green space!
submitted by Jorge V. - |Recommended: YesLuxurious, spacious, peaceful, and neighbor-friendly. — I would tell anyone interested in moving here that the property is very nice, both outside and inside. The living spaces are beautiful and the property management is very attentive to tenants' needs. If you submit a work order, the office contacts you almost immediately, or at least the next day and sends a specialist to you.
response from property -Thank you for taking the time to leave a review! We are so happy to hear that you're loving your home at High Bluff. Our team works hard to ensure that our residents feel at home here at our community. Thank you for your feedback, we sincerely appreciate your residency with us!

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